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May 9th, 2006

More Thieving Scum

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With almost 3 decades in this job there isn’t much which a) you haven’t seen before & b) shocks you.

I never cease to be amazed at the depths some scum-sucking pondlife will go to & we had another case recently.(Thieving Scum). Sadly, no matter how many you lock up there will always be others to continue in the finest traditions of this country’s lowest of the low.

A 96-year-old lady is minding her own business in the safety of her own home when 2 males knock at her door. To cut a reasonably short story even shorter, they tell her they are police officers and are checking up on her safety & well-being. They enter the house and once inside the proceed to rifle through the poor woman’s home until they have taken her £5,000 life-savings.into ‘protective custody’.

If that on its own wasn’t bad enough, the low-life shites who have the moral ethics of a nematode (parasite roundworm) return to the house two weeks later. This time they dispense with the pleasantry of pretending to be officers to gain her trust; they’ve seen her now and know how frail & risk-free their crime is.This time they just kick in the back door, march in and search the place while the terrified victim remains in her chair unable to move due to a combination of her age & fear. They find the only cash now left in the house since their last visit in the form of two-weeks’ pension money.

Scum like this are usually, although not exclusively, connected with the ‘travelling fraternity’. who feel themselves immune to the laws of the land and think it’s OK to ride roughshod over the needs & rights of the most vulnerable members of our society.

If anyone can think of a reason why this filth shouldn’t have their bollocks slowly chewed from them by several hungry policedogs, let me know.