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May 3rd, 2006


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Having moaned about not being contacted by anyone in relation to being invited onto Radio 5 when they were discussing Police Blogs (see here). I was somewhat suprised to be contacted so soon by a BBC producer who thought my blog might be somewhat worthy of appearing in his forthcoming five-part-series on Blogs on Radio 4.

Unfortunately, due to the fact that I have a rather large sum of money heading my way  in under 200 weeks followed by many, many years of a full & deserving pension, I’ve had to decline. Although anonymity was offered, the programme is slated to include interviews about the blogs (which are not just police) and so the chance of my Complaints & Discipline Department having a bring-a-bottle & listen-to-someone-drop-themselves-in-it-party is therefore exceedingly high.

Still, the thought that someone actually considered this blog worthy of an approach gave me a really warm glow. And, I tell myself, is proof positive that I am not actually the only one who reads it.

Onward & Upwards.