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April 13th, 2006

Lies, Damned Lies & Senior Officers

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It’s no wonder so many of us plebs on the front line have so little time & respect for an awful lot of the senior management within the police service; one of ours recently issued some figures to the local media in an effort to back up their master plan that to keep one of the police stations in the division open was no longer required.

You wonder what they are playing at sometimes, especially when, with a little judicious use of the Freedom of Information Act, anyone can find out whether the figures are actually true.

In this case they weren’t. For some strange reason – I’ll leave you to draw your own conclusions – the number of calls for police published by the management were significantly lower than the true figure.

Incensed by what local officers perceived to be propaganda & lies put out by senior officers in an effort to advance their plans to close the police station, several officers wrote to the local press and furnished the true figures, easily obtainable from any force computer system.

This presented the force with a problem since only one set of figures could be correct, the PCs or the Superintendent & Chief Inspector in charge of the division.

Guess which group got stuck on for bringing the force into disrepute? Correct, the PCs as telling lies and getting exposed by officers with a  genuine concern for how local policing is delivered clearly is not in breach of any code, moral or otherwise (if you are a senior officer).