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March 13th, 2006

Sir Ian does it again

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I see Sir Ian Blair is in hot water again. No surprise there, then.

It seems Sir foot-in-mouth has been forced to apologise for secretly recording a telephone conversation between him and the Attorney General, and a few more with the IPCC.

I’m not usually one to particularly support senior police officers but is it just me who wonders what all the fuss is about?

I mean, the thing that strikes me is that it’s a wonder that anyone thinks these phone calls aren’t recorded. Everything is recorded these days. You can’t call NTL Customer Support a useless bunch of no-good tossers without it being recorded. You can’t order a new cheque book from your bank without it being recorded. You can’t even get a bloody inflated insurance quote for your 1982 Ford Escort without it being recorded and you’re constantly reminded just in case you’ve been on planet zog for the last 10 years; “this call may be recorded for training purposes” or whatever it is they say. Everything is recorded.

All calls coming into the police are recorded whether it’s a 999 or someone wanting to ask about their lost cat. The only difference between the police service and any other organisation is that we don’t tell anyone. The only time people get to know their call is being recorded is if they start shouting and swearing and threatening staff then the operator says “This call is being recorded so everything you say is on tape” in an effort to get them to stop shouting. I’m no expert but as every other organisation announces they’re recording the calls there must be some rules or guidelines. I’ve always wondered if we’re breaking any rules.

So every time you speak to any organisation on the phone anywhere, they record the conversation and someone thinks it’s strange that the Met’s ‘top cop’ records a call of potential national significance with the country’s top lawyer?

I mean, come on! When people are trying to stitch each other up from every level up the police ranks and across to the government you’d be mad not to record a telephone conversation. Blair probably has more reason than most to want to protect his back.

I didn’t realise people were that naïve.

March 13th, 2006

Big Brother – Update

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With reference to the story below I see the BBC News website has taken up the story in their New Met blogging rules spark anger article.

They have some relevant quotes from the World Weary Detective blog amongst others.

March 13th, 2006

Free Crime Prevention Advice

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I guess nearly 30 years of mixing with scum makes you pretty aware of the potential for crime around you; I never let the Mrs walk around Tescos with the opening of her shoulder-bag facing outwards and I never leave the car unattended with the stereo still attached.
In fact, I wouldn’t leave an empty sweet wrapper on the back seat lest some thieving toe-rag thinks there might be the chance of a free Murraymint in the offing.

Why is it that people leave several hundred and even thousands quids’ worth of electrical goodies in their cars?

Sat Navs are the latest. We’ve dealt with the theft of 3 this weekend alone.

You may be insured & it may be a company car but unless you want to spend the next 3 months picking glass splinters out of your arse, don’t leave it in the vehicle!

It’s portable, shiny & has lots of buttons to press and is therefore instant bait for Master Single-Braincell. He (yes, it’ll be a he) may not know how to turn on the bloody thing much less actually operate it but he does know how to smash windows.