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March 8th, 2006

The Walls Have Eyes (2)

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Further to my report below on the latest & greatest way to report misdoings in the workplace it transpires that Safecall has been advertised to staff members in several other police forces also.

The job must be really keen for its staff to use the service; not only have they advertised the facility via display posters, an announcement on Force Orders and even an individual email to every member of staff, police & civilian, but they followed it up a few days later with a personal letter containing a glossy full-colour leaflet via Royal mail to the home address of every employee.

Enquiries reveal that this mailshot has also been sent in the other forces and runs at several thousand pounds per force. Further, the mailshot isn’t funded by the company running the service but by the individual police force, or in other words, the tax-payer.

Meanwhile, frontline services continue to get axed due to budget restraints amounting to cuts of several millions of pounds in many police forces.

My personal copy went straight in the recycling bin ready to be collected by the council next Tuesday. I suspect many thousands of others have as well. So that’s nice.