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February 23rd, 2006

The Walls Have Eyes

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You can’t go anywhere in any nick in the area without bumping into large colourful posters imploring employees to report their colleagues to Professional Standards.

Corruption, racisim, sexism, bad language, walking on the cracks in the pavement, nothing is too minor for the rubber heelers. There’s popping in to the office, calling them on the phone, email, even an anonymous internal telephone number. Given the new and innivotive ways you can shop your mates you’d be forgiven for thinking that not enough people are being naughty and the Complaints & Discipline Dept need to increase their figures; after all, every other department these days has targets and quotas to fill why should Professional Standards be any different? Surely if they had enough to be getting on with they wouldn’t need to advertise?

A new website, not specifically aimed at the police, but advertised within the police service has been set up to allow more people to shop their colleagues. lets you report wrong-doing in the workplace without the need to provide your name (or any evidence).

Nice, in theory. I wonder how long it will be before Joe Scrote cottons on to this new site and starts bombarding it with malicious anonymous allegations against the last officer to give him a fixed penalty for pissing in the street.