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February 17th, 2006

More Dross

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Some jobs really aren’t worth the bother of taking the details and creating a log.One such waste of time recently came from a call made by a woman without the skill, intelligence or inclination to sort out her own life, calling police to come and sort it out for her.

We got the call to a ‘domestic’. On arrival it transpired that the son had put £6 in the electricity meter. He then decided he wanted to go out for the evening and as he wasn’t going to be present while his £6 dole money ran the Sky TV system he wanted his mother to refund his cash.

Mother refused so the obvious and only natural course of action is to call the Old Bill and let them sort it out.

End result; domestic incident booklet, non-crime report on the system with time taken to pass details to the crime desk & another statistic to show the social fabric of this great nation is continuing its inexorable journey down the pan.