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January 27th, 2006

A Police Spokesman Said…

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In a marvelous example of proving that senior police officers aren’t exempt from talking out of their rear ends, Britain’s “top cop“, Sir Ian Blair used his position to further shove the reputation of the nation’s police even further into the cess pool of modern society.

In the greatest example of a pot calling a kettle black since Nick Griffin accused Abu Hamza of racisim, Blair (not that idiot, the other one) has accused the ‘British press’ of institutional racisim for under reporting of black and Asian murders.

He may have had a point, but he had the crass insensitivity to illustrate his ire by saying that the level of national media coverage of the Holly Wells & Jessica Chapman abduction & murder was, er, surprising. The following day he had this to say on Radio 4, “I obviously have to unreservedly apologise to anyone connected to the Soham murders, especially the parents of Holly and Jessica for re-igniting this story. It was not intended to diminish the significance of this dreadful crime, which is exactly how I described it.”

Hmmm…. Ian Blair gets a squillion pounds a year to run the largest police force in the country and has oodles of bag carriers and advisors whose job it is to deal with public misrelations. Perhaps he ought to stick to sorting out the massive levels of violent crime on the streets of London & take advice before making national pronouncements which do no more than further reduce the level of confidence in the police.