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December 11th, 2005

Sing if You’re Glad to be Gay

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In a triumph for truth and justice a Norfolk Inspector has accepted an out-of-court settlement of £30,000 after he initiated proceedings against the force for alleged homophobic bullying and discrimination.

Apparently his original claim was for a mere £400,000 for future loss of earnings and pension rights. The force & police authority denied the claims – but settled anyway.

The cash has been given for ‘injury to health & feelings’. Well that’s alright then, £30,000 of tax-payers money towards ‘hurt feelings???? I know police officers who have been stabbed who havent been paid that.

What I don’t understand is if the full claim of £400,000 was for future loss of earnings, how come he has agreed to carry on working for the police authority. Either he’s fit to do the job or he isn’t or was it a case of ‘I want 400 grand because I’ve been so traumatised over my treatment that I’ll never work again, but if you give me 30 big ones, I’ll be back next week?

Norfolk Police’s solicitor is quoted as saying “We can report we have reached an amicable settlement at £30,000 and the provision of ongoing support to (the Inspector in question).” Amicable? I’ll bet it was bloody amicable. So that’ll be 30 grand on top of the 45 grand, pro rata,  that he’s been on long term sick because of his treatment.

I know several officers who have suffered managerial bullying and discrimination, sadly for them, they don’t form any of the groups who are entitled to special protection. One in particular had some horrendous treatment from a senior officer over a period of months which after being fuilly investigated bestowed upon him the grand total of an apology.

What annoys me more than anything is that this happens up and down the land, both with police officers suing their own chief or members of the public. Blame is always denied but rather than go to court the force takes the cheapest option and makes a payout. The evidence of any wrong-doing is never tested because once you raise the matter of litigation and have a handy federation solicitor or state-funded lackey to take it through, the police are gonna pay, one way or another, better to pay the lower amount and save the tax-payer some money.

You know, if I’d suffered some discrimination or inappropriate treatment, I’d want the matter brought to everyone’s attention, and I’d want procedures put in place so that it didn’t happen again. What I wouldn’t want is huge sums of cash, but then I’d like to think my morals are somewhat higher than certain Inspectors.

I’d be interested to know how many Norfolk police officers, seriously injured in the course of their duties, have received compensation of £30,000 or more.

 You can read the story here