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November 11th, 2005

Tagless in Worcester

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This comes into the “would you f*****g believe it” category

A certain Ms Natasha Hughes of Arboretum, Worcester has been described as someone who enjoys dressing in a feminine way. Nothing wrong with that, nor the fact that she likes to show her femininity by wearing skirts.

Apparently, she is also either a very heavy sleeper or she likes to stay out late because she wasn’t at home when the local constabulary called upon her place of abode at 2.35 in the morning of the 1st November.

You might be wondering why the Old Bill were attempting to make her acquaintance at this unsociable hour. The answer is that she is currently up on a charge of GBH on a female and is on a home detention curfew between the hours of 9pm & 7am.

Arrested for breach of bail (failing to show she was at home between those hours) she appeared in front of the local beak where an application to have her tagged was made.

A simple matter for those with a proven inability to stick to simple bail conditions you might think. Not if you are someone who likes to show their femininity by the wearing of a skirt.

Ms Hughes’ solicitor successfully persuaded the court that a tag was inappropriate because “it would not look right with a skirt”.

Said Ms Hughes, “I didn’t want to wear a tag because they are really bulky and embarrassing.”

To quote from the BBC News Article:

Prosecutor Douglas Marshall said Hughes should be forced to wear a tag to prove in future she was at home when she said she was.

But David Taylor, defending, said this was not necessary and would interfere with his client’s dress sense.

He said: “She wants to wear skirts, not trousers, which would cover the tag.

“Perhaps she could arrange for a doorbell that could be linked to her bedroom.”

Well fair enough, said the court and let her off being tagged.

So once again the might of the country’s legal system is felt around the streets of the nation. It’s a pity they didn’t suggest that if she didn’t like wearing a tag then perhaps being remanded in custody might suit her better. I think skirts in prison may be rarer than those in Ms Hughes’ wardrobe, possibly.

I wonder if she was wearing a skirt when the alleged GBH took place?

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