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November 7th, 2005

Yoo Hallooo

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Good to see the 700 hours of debate time in the House of Commons hasn’t gone to waste

Last week saw the start of the hunting season. Those who had thought that hunting with dogs had been banned might have been somewhat surprised to see that almost every hunt in the country was turning out for the glitz of red coats and brandy on Saturday. Surely hunting has been banned?

Er yes…and no.

Hunting with dogs has been banned, except when you hunt with dogs (but they don’t actually kill the fox) or something. To be honest I think you probably need a degree in law and a pair of large green wellies to understand the ins and outs of the law prohibiting fox hunts.

They might just as well have called it the law to allow fox hunting to continue as one banning the bloody things. There are more loopholes than in a government minister’s personal standards contract.

Judging from the first week of the season the ban has changed precisely bugger all. Having been involved in the policing of fox hunts for several years I guess we’ll still be wasting our time keeping one side from killing the other around the highways and byways of rural England for some considerable time to come.

Lucky we haven’t got anything else to do then.