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October 2nd, 2005

Some People (3)…

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I guess it’s just another symptom of the ‘me’ society we seem to be living in these days; so many people & so little time for others.

As a police officer there are certain ‘givens’; you won’t get off on time when you’ve arranged to attend an event after work, when you get called out on a shout at the start of the shift the previous shift won’t have refueled the car, when the shite job of the day comes in you’ll be the only one who hasn’t got an ‘urgent’ statement to work, and lots of people will complain that you’re getting in their way.

I’ve lost count of the number of people who take personal offence to us shutting roads and personally attacking their freedom to travel to work/school/an urgent appointment or the airport.

The first thing that happens is that they’ll arrive at the roadblock and throw their hands in the air as they see the police car and cones across the road, they might drive round the roundabout once or twice to give themselves some thinking time, then park up and walk over. The more thoughtless will just stop in the most dangerous and inconvenient place and shout across as if summoning a waiter.

Their opening line is usually pretty predictable yet always somewhat surprising all the same. Bearing in mind there is usually one (or even more) police cars, fully marked, blue and/or red flashing lights, at least one police officer in a bright yellow jacket waving traffic on, cones placed strategically across the road spaced such that a normal car couldn’t squeeze between them, a couple of reflective blue signs displaying the word ‘Accident’ or pointing in a direction away from the blockage, possible an ambulance, fire engine and associated staff plus some other vehicles in the distance some way past the road block and they still walk up and say, “Is the road blocked?”

Is the f***** road blocked, no of course the road isn’t blocked, I’m standing here because they told me you were coming and I was to stuff your journey up today as a practical joke from all the guys in the office!

People sometimes haven’t got a clue and don’t stop to think about why we’re standing in their way. The only thing they are worried about is the fact that the ‘Old Bill’ is stopping them doing what they want to do. I often wonder how their attitude would change if I said ‘”well actually, that’s your wife/husband/child splattered across that windscreen over their and the road is closed so we can fully investigate how and why she died and make sure that any evidence which could assist in the conviction for the person responsible for them dying is preserved, but hey, if you wanna drive through their so you won’t be inconvenienced, then go straight ahead.

It’s the same when we get the helicopter out late at night. No matter what town or what time of night, someone will ring in, usually on the 999s, complaining about the helicopter keeping them awake and asking if it’s really necessary. Well actually, madam, it’s your daughter who has just been raped in the park, but we can’t significantly increase our chances of catching the guy because the people on that estate are all asleep, so let’s hope she knows who it was, eh?

It’s enough to make my blood boil.