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August 30th, 2005

200 Weeks

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I called this blog "200 Weeks" ‘cos that’s all I’ve got to do. Well, actually I’ve got under 200 weeks to do, more like 165 but "165 Weeks" doesn’t have the same ring about it.

What does this mean? Well, when you’re in "The Job" as it’s universally known to those who are actually in "The Job", if you’re really unlucky, you have to serve for 30 years before you can draw your full pension.

The government changed the goalposts recently so that anyone starting from next year will probably have to do more than 30 years but as it stands, 30 years is all they can make me do. Of course some officers are working more than their allotted sentence, but only they and God know why. I think 30 years is bloody long enough for anyone. I can’t see why anyone would want to do more than that, unless, of course they work in an office in which case, getting the same wages as someone out on the street for a few extra years may make some financial sense, somewhere, but I don’t understand that bit.

 Oh, my name? Well, you can call me 200. Obviously I don’t really want to reveal my identity because even as you read this there will be armies of Professional Standards dept officers pawing their keyboards, 9 to 5, looking for some comment posted on some last outpost of the internet somewhere by a police officer they can identify and ‘stick on’* to show the government that all the investment in investigating police officers has been worthwhile, more of that probably, later.

So anyway, welcome to 200 Weeks

* Stick On: to subject a usually innocent police officer to an internal ritual of elongated investigation which will cause stress and harassment in inverse proportion to the seriousness of what’s being investigated. Usually resulting in NFA (No Further Action).

August 29th, 2005

Thanks Police999

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Thanks to the top folk at I’ve got myself a little free blog. I’ve been a member of Police999 for a little while and was quite interested when the guy who runs it offered some webspace for folk to set up their own blog.

I’ve not done one before so we’ll see how it goes. I guess the only committment is writing something. As I’m a police officer I should be quite used to writing as I seem to spend more time writing than bloody policing!

Welcome to my blog…