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January 11th, 2011

Some Housekeeping

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I’ve had the blog updated to the latest version & one of the downsides is that it is flagging some genuine comments as spam.

I’m not sure what to do about that as I’m not all techy when it comes to WordPress blogging software, so if you do comment & it doesn’t show up then it’ll have gone to a list which I need to approve. I hope I won’t miss any genuine comments as I don’t want to discourage anyone from contributing, apart, that is, from the no-good, low-life, scum-sucking spammers.

If anyone has any bright ideas how to deal more effectively with spam comments, I’m all ears (most do get flagged as spam, it’s the genuine ones which seem to get flagged in error since I updated the software last night).

September 12th, 2010

Yet another milestone

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A couple of weeks ago saw the 200 Weeks Blog reach a not insignificant milestone of 5 years of continuous blogging, not to be sniffed at in this world of come-and-go internet publishing.

Well, today sees another landmark in that this post marks the 1096th consecutive day of posts.

That’s three whole years of posting every single day. I think I’ve said before something about this blog being a triumph of quantity over quality.

My thanks to my small but ever-dedicated bunch of posters who continue to comment on my entries.

August 13th, 2010

Back soon

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Things are a little difficult at the moment. Hope to resume normal service soon…

August 1st, 2010

Would you shut the …

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I went out for a nice meal with the family this evening.

We went to a pub which has become quite familiar to us since my retirement. We chatted, joked & laughed & discussed our forthcoming holiday, & the arrangements we need to make between now & then.

I doubt anyone in the pub paid any attention to use, & though there were 5 of us, I doubt anyone heard anything of what we said, because we speak in the normal voices of people who want the conversation to be restricted to those taking part.

Unlike the bloody bloke 2 tables away who spent the entire night regaling the entire bloody pub with the ins & outs of his banal life because he couldn’t talk at anything under 118 decibels. He wasn’t even pissed, just bloody loud.

I now know that his brother was arrested for offensive weapon when all he was doing was picking up a snooker cue from the gutter so nobody else used it. I know the operation on his dog’s front paw cost Ă‚ÂŁ650 & maxed his wife’s credit card out. I know all about the trouble he had with the builders who were clearly just bloody lazy & taking him for a ride.

It was just non-stop, like really bad tinnitus.

What is it with people that feel they need to talk like they’re in the front row  at a Led Zeppelin concert?

Half-past three last night some neighbours said goodbye to their guests. I heard every bloody word & their house is 4 houses up from mine.

Can’t people just shut the fuck up?

April 27th, 2010

Blog Updates

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I’ve added a couple of new links to the the Police Blogs. I say ‘new’ actually they’re not, they’re links I removed because the blogs ceased, but they’re now back.

First is Stan Still from “You’re Nicked” a blog which started back up last month after being AWOL since October 2008. The second was the “World Weary Detective” who has decided to start blogging again after being closed down in 2006 after the Met issued some ‘advice’.

Welcome back fellars!

I’ve also added a link to “All Copped Out

UPDATE: Also added The Thin Blue Line (thought I’d already added that one, whoops)

March 30th, 2010

And so it goes

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Last week I passed the milestone of posting a blog entry every single day for 2.5 years. I’m well on my way to completing 5 years of blogging. I was reading only yesterday of another police blogger who is giving up the blogging lark. He’d only been going since October & had 20 entries.

Inspector Gadget posts today about an official police blogger down Avon & Somerset way who is also giving up. Some people just have no stamina or committment.

I don’t suppose, when I started back in August 2005, I gave any thought about how long I’d do it for. After the last 2.5 years it has become a habit.  Most of my posts are done on the couch at home some time after the Ten o’ Clock News & before midnight. I still don’t know anyone who knows I blog, at least if they do, they’ve never mentioned it to me, & that includes Mrs Weeks & the Weeklings.

I sometimes wonder whether I’m doing it out of habit or whether I still  enjoy it. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell the two apart.

November 18th, 2009

Another Milestone

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200weeks is one of the longest running police blogs in the UK. I’ve been posting for over four years, for over two of those years I have posted every single day, non-stop, without missing day.

Last week I reached another milestone, one which I didn’t actually realise until I logged on for today’s entry.

Last week I posted my 1,000th blog entry.

October 2nd, 2009

All sorts

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The last 3 posts have been so weighty I think I need to sit down with a cold glass of something.

Nothing so deep today, although it is closely related.

I check my stats to see where people are coming from & quite often see a little surprise or two. It’s sometimes amazing which people are discussing things they saw on my blog. This week was no surprise.

I have had a few people visit me from the Cable Forums. They have 61,000 members & over 1.5million posts, mostly discussing cable broadband. Someone honed in on the last 3 days’s entries here during a discussion about the Mrs Pilkington case entitled “Suicide pair let down by the system?”.

I usually get a few visits from SafeSpeed & a couple of 4×4-type forums whenever I mention anything to do with driving.

What cheered me up most was appearing on Swingers Heaven, yep a discussion forum for  ‘all liberated adults, swingers and doggers in the UK’ who are also discussing the same case. Fantastic!

I suppose it takes all sorts.

September 12th, 2009

Another Milestone

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So soon after my 4th anniversary of blogging comes another milestone; today marks precisely two years of blogging every single day. That’s a post come rain, shine or snow, Christmas Day & bank holidays, work, leave or rest days for two whole years.

As I said this time last year, 200weeks: a triumph of quantity over quality.

The most productive single-author UK Police blog in the solar system.

September 8th, 2009

What happened to the Coppers Blog

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Just a quicky today, I’m very busy enjoying life somewhere….

So why has the original police blog gone over to invited readers only?

August 29th, 2009

Hip Hip Hurrah!

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Happy Birthday to me,

Happy Birthday to me,

Happy Birthday dear 200,

Happy Birthday to me.

Today marks the fourth anniversary of my humble little blog. That’s FOUR YEARS of blogging, the last two of which have involved a post every single day.

If you’re reading this blog, your reading one of the longest-lasting continuous police blogs in the UK, you’re also reading the most prolific UK police blogger.

Thank you to all my regular readers, especially the ones who continue to support me by posting comments on my articles!

Here’s to another, er……. year or two.

August 25th, 2009

LEAP of Faith

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I was contacted this week by the guys who run Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, an organisation in the States who support the legalisation of drugs. They blogged about me on Sunday saying of  the 200weeks blog:  “In a post titled “The Biggie,” he tackled the subject of drug prohibition. It is a detailed,  fact based analysis, and I would encourage you to read it.

So welcome, if you are visiting this site from LEAP!

I’ve added their blog to my list.

August 12th, 2009


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I like to vary the type of entries to my blog, if you’re unfamiliar with it, you’ll find I talk about many different things, not all of them to do with the police.

I take my inspiration from various sources; of course there are experiences of 30 years of policing, from my times as a probationer a generation ago to tales of my time in a police control room both as an officer & a civilian which are much more recent.

I never speak about anything which has happened on the day it happens (at work, that is) & I remove details which keep it as generic as possible. You won’t find much on here which has only ever happened to me.

I like to make the occasional post humorous, but that takes a lot of work for the old grey matter.

I’ll post on political matters & comment on what I refer to as society’s ills.

Because I set myself the goal of posting an entry every day it can be quite difficult to come up with a topic every single day. This is often when I wish I just blogged when I thought I had something worthwhile to say like all the other police bloggers; sometimes the last thing you want to do – or have time to do – is sit down at a computer & type up some deep philosophical argument (not that you actually get any of that round here). That’s often the time I just post a quick video, variety being the spice & all that.

I’ll get inspiration from the Google & BBC News websites, from the national TV News – but never from the BBC local news, lest my location is narrowed down. That’s not to say I won’t comment on local issues, but only if I come by them through other means.

I also check out several police forums to see what issues of the day are being discussed. I try not to get stories from other blogs, but inevitably there are issues that we police bloggers want to talk about when they rear their heads in the meeja. That’s where posting every day gives me an advantage; I can often get to a story before some of the other blogs.

I often wish I wrote more down during my police career. I suspect I have what might commonly be known as a bloody awful memory, which means that most of my memories  are lost to history. If I had one bit of advice for new recruits, it would be, write it down, we work such an extraordinary job there will always be people fascinated to hear about what we do, just look at all the police reality programmes we have currently.

Sometimes I don’t have any inspiration at all. That’s when I adopt the approach I took with  my motorbike; I set off on a journey with no idea which way I’ll go & just see where the road takes me. Much like as has just happened with this entry.

August 1st, 2009

Milestones & Millstones

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As I came to the blog’s admin page to write today’s entry, as is often the case, I don’t actually know what I’m going to write. Blogging isn’t always easy. I take my inspiration from different places, sometimes it’s something on the news or in the papers, something that’s happened at work, other times it’s something from my 30 years’ service. And quite often I haven’t got a bloody clue but still have to come up with something. (these are often days when I post videos!)

Tonight I noticed that I’ve written 900 separate blog entries, this will be my 901st, only 100 more and that’s 1,000 total entries.

It also reminds me of another milestone I shall be reaching in 6  weeks time when I’ll have blogged every single day for two years.

Anyway, that’s another post where I didn’t have to actually do much thinking, which suits me.

Before you go, check out this BBC News clip & see if you can spot the police officer with a ‘wardrobe malfunction’

July 22nd, 2009

Top Tips for Commenters

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In a few weeks time I’ll have been blogging continuously for four years, for two of those years I’ll have posted a blog entry every single day.

In all this time I have not given any tips to readers who wish to respond to my thoughts & musings, so by absolutely no public demand, here are 200weeks’ top tips for commenting on this blog.

  1. You don’t have to agree with me, if you do that’s great, it reinforces how right I usually am. If you don’t that’s even better as I like a good argument.
  2. There is very little likelihood that I will have the time or the inclination to enter into an email debate with you. If you are concerned about revealing your email address when you post a comment, just make one up, nobody checks.
  3. Related to 3 above, if you want anyone else to read your comment it’s possibly best not to put an email address such as ‘‘ or something equally as pathetic.
  4. Don’t call yourself ‘CopKiller’ or some other completely unattainable personal dream nickname. You’re not fooling anyone, you couldn’t kill a light much less a cop. Just shut your bedroom door & do something more productive instead, like having a wank, but make sure mummy’s gone shopping first.
  5. If you want your post to be read by me, that will happen automatically. Since I have yet to reach the levels of replies of certain other police bloggers, I can & do read every comment.
  6. If you want to post a link to illustrate your point, it’s best just to post one link per comment. Any more & my spam filter thinks you’re trying to get me to buy Viagra or visit a porn site. As a married man I might have plenty of use for the latter but absolutely no use for the former. If you have several links, put them in separate comments. (it also makes it look like I get more comments than I do)
  7. Don’t begin your masterpiece with ‘now listen, you prize arsehole…‘ Whilst I have been called much worse in my time, it is my bat & my ball & starting off with an opening phrase like that isn’t likely to get you into my good books.
  8. I don’t generally delete comments, even ones I don’t agree with. If yours doesn’t appear & it hasn’t fallen into the categories mentioned above, you’ve probably tripped my spam filter. I have little control over this as I don’t understand it. If you’re having problems commenting you can always contact me via the email address on my About page & I’ll ask someone who knows about these things, if I can find anyone.
  9. Do post comments. Comments make me feel important & give me a warm feeling inside & they also help you avoid doing something important at home which you’d rather put off anyway.

June 17th, 2009

More on Nightjack

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My vistor count doubled yesterday as a result of the info about Nightjack being outed by the Times. (sadly, everyone is searching for Nightjack rather than 200weeks)

I was no. 2 on Google for “Nightjack” due to a previous article, now I’m relegated down to 8 or something as it seems the blogosphere is alight with murmerings on the High Court decision not to protect the anonymity of police bloggers (or is that all bloggers, I don’t know)

If you’re interested, you can see the court judgement at the British and Irish Legal Information Institute.

There’s not too much so far on the police blogs but everyone else is discussing it. Dan Collins, publisher of the books by PC Copperfield, Inspector Gadget & PC Bloggs has an interesting article. While Hopi, Iain Dale,  Chicken Yoghurt, are all concerned. I’d also recommend reading Random Acts of Reality’s piece.

Nightjack himself today publishes an article on the Time Online explaining the story of his blog which ends in a humble apology to his employers for the damage, if such damage was done, to the reputation of his employer.

Ironically, Sean O’Neill, writing in the Crime Central section of the Times, says he has mixed feelings over the exposure of Nightjack by on of his own colleagues. Obsolete, points out the hypocrisy of the Times in their decision to hound & expose Nightjack.

Police bloggers don’t set out to damage the reputation of their constabulary, they do it to tell the stories the public should know which, if they used more ‘acceptable’ means would get them disciplined under the cloak of bringing the service into disrepute. The real people bringing the service into disrepute are those who lie or cloak the truth for the simple reason of making out things are better than they are.

In my own little protest I shan’t be purchasing the Sunday Times any more.

(if there are any Times journalists reading this, please note, I am no longer a police officer)


The Guardian appears critical of the Times’ decision to out Nightjack

See a video on the thoughts on the BBC website of the director of the Orwell Prize which Nightjack recently won.

Google News is showing about 140 news stories on Nightjack’s outing & 14 stories on the death of PC Philip Pratt  this week

June 16th, 2009

From all angles

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Worrying Times for bloggers everywhere, especially police bloggers.

The Times have won a case at the High court against police blogger Nightjack who tried to prevent the paper revealing his identity. The High Court rejected the bloggers assertion that his anonymity should be preserved in the public interest.

Mr Justice Eady refused his injunction against the Times ruling that blogging was “essentially a public rather than a private activity”. The judge said that the officer was keen to preserve his anonymity because he knew he would be subject to internal discipline & had talked about cases which could, in theory, be traced and that he had criticised senior officer, police procedures & government ministers.

The judge went on to say that the public were entitled to know the identity of a police officer who opined in such a public way so they could make their minds up as to the veracity of the information given in the blog. Clearly, this includes the right of the world to see his picture as the Time have published the officer’s photo.

Nightjack has received a written warning from his force & his blog has now been completely removed.

It seems to me that the press are happy to publish stories from police bloggers & other anonymous sources in order to assist in extra profits for their shareholders but quite happy to stab them in the back when it suits them.

I wonder how many will be willing to reveal the sources of other information they get on a daily basis. Surely the public are entitled to know the source of any story published by the press so they can come to their own conclusions about what importance to place on a scoop or why such information was being published?

The press being a bunch of two-faced hypocrites? Surely not!

more info here, here & here


Mr Justice Eady has spent much of his lawyering trying to protect the privacy of his clients. He has been quoted as saying that his own privacy is ‘sacrosanct’ & has done much recently to protect the privacy of celebrities against the press. In 2008 the Telegraph said of him “He guards his personal life with such jealousy that his Who’s Who entry contains no details of any hobbies or interests, and few of his neighbours appear to have any idea who he is.” He has made many rulings against national newspapers preferring to protect the privacy of the individual. Which is all rather ironic considering he spent time, as a barrister, in the 1990s representing newspapers accused of hurting the feelings of celebrities.

The juxtaposition between representing those seeking to publicise ‘private’ information and ruling against those same people was expalined by the fact that in the former cases he was acting as a paid advocate (i.e. it was his job) whereas now he is excercising his personal beliefs & the Human Rights Act (Right to privacy), which doesn’t exist if you are a police officer criticising practices & policies which the average person on the Clapham Omnibus would agree should be released to the wider world. (or have I got this all wrong?)

June 5th, 2009

Trying to upgrade

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Isn’t it funny how much we have come to rely on the internet. The server on which this blog is hosted had a problem today. I don’t know what it was other than the guy who runs it sent me an email saying it was down for a few hours. I guess a few readers noticed it too; hit counter was down and no comments today at all.

I’d planned to update the software for it & had set aside an hour before work when I could just upgrade WordPress. I couldn’t access the site at all, it had dispappeared. My first thought was that someone, somewhere had ordered the site pulled or deleted, hence the email to to person who’se server it is. Thankfully it wasn’t just a technical problem, but it didn’t stop me sitting at the PC pressing the refresh button for a couple of hours. Apparently, I could have fitted a couple of trips to the tip in that time, according to Mrs Weeks. Women have no idea sometimes, priorities all wrong, they just don’t get it.

I never got the software upgraded, I’ll have to do that another time. I don’t suppose anyone will notice any difference as I think it’s only the admin side of things which is changing.

It did make me wonder whether I had slipped down the radar of PSD since I retired (if I’d been on it to start with).

May 20th, 2009

PoliceOne Bloggers

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Just a little bit of blogging news today.

I’m pleased to be listed at as one of their recommended blogs. I’ve been listed on there for a couple of weeks, so welcome if you are visiting as a result of a link at PoliceOne. This is a USA Police portal whose content I regularly use via their BluTube Police Video site. I’ve added links to them.

I just loved this cartoon in today’s Telegraph, which just sums up the double standards exhibited in parliament yesterday.

May 18th, 2009


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I had a moment of serendipity yesterday (I had to look that up!).

I went on my usual Sunday walk to get a newspaper. I left it a bit late & my local branch of Tesco didn’t have the Sunday Times, which is my weapon of choice at the weekend. So I checked the Sunday  Telegraph  slot & that too was devoid of copies. I’m not really into the red tops, unless a copy happens to be lying around at work, so I picked up a copy of the Sunday Observer. I can’t recall ever buying this to be honest, certainly in the last 20 years, but needs must & all that.

I took it to work, read the thing through during my break & started on the supplements. I got to the review & was pleasantly surprised to see an item on Nightjack’s blog, specifically about his winning of the Orwell Prize, which I mention on my post of April 29th.

At the bottom of the article was a list of 5 blogs that Nightjack recommends & 200 Weeks was one of them. I quote “200 Weeks started blogging when he had 200 weeks left in his police career. Since then he has blogged every single day. He has now retired and come back as a civilian communications officer. It’s the sort of blog that is good for a smile after a rough day.”

It was one of those warm glow feelings, the problem was that I couldn’t show anyone as nobody at work knows I blog (at least if they do they’ve never mentioned it & I’ve never heard any of them talking about police blogs.)

I’d not have seen this normally, had I not got out of bed late & had Tescos had a bigger supply of Sunday Times or Telegraphs. Is that what is meant by serendipity?

If you’re still reading DC Night, thanks!

You can see the relevant article at the Observer/Guardian website.