November 28th, 2008

The Bard of Hatfield

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If you read any of the police blogs for any time you’re bound to come across a post criticising sentencing guidelines.

Well, here’s another one.

Tanya French, isn’t a name which immediately springs to mind when thinking about the outrages of the past few years, but she should. She & her boyfriend, Alan Webster were convicted of raping a twelve-week old baby in 2006. French assaulted the baby while her boyfriend filmed it on video while they babysat for the child in Hatfield, Hertfordshire.

French was sentenced to five years but was released a couple of days ago having served just 30 months. There was criticism at the time of the original sentencing as the trial judge gave Webster a six-year sentence, this was later increased to 8 years by the court of appeal.

French is said to be living in a ‘safe house’ which presumably means the tax-payer pays for her satellite TV,  X-box & alcohol.

There’s a new group of Facebook about her, presumably set up by some people from Hatfield, it’s called KEEP TANYA FRENCH AWAY FROM HATFIELD!! & currently has 573 members who are equally appalled by her early release. Kirsty, who may be the Bard of Hatfield & appears to be a white female, judging by her Facebook pic, sums it up: “them fukin sick cunts should be rottin in a fukin shit hole bein eaten alive by wat eva da fuk lives dere. i hope one day to see her in da street cos id rip dat sick cunts head off and paraid it round hatfield on a fukin stick. wat da fuk has happen to justice for dat poor helpless little girl.dis country really is fuked up….

Kirtsy, you are so right, & go on to prove it on so many levels.

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