June 21st, 2006

As Good as a Rest

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Don’t you love annual leave?

Sometimes I think it’s a real shame when I think of my favourite shifts and my top three are annual leave, rest day and sick, in that order. (Though I’ve only had 2 days sick in the last 5 years).

Just had a period of annual leave to recharge the old batteries. It’s a great way to avoid dealing with shite for days on end. Trouble is you have to go back to it and the first day back after a period of leave can be so depressing.

That’s if you can get any bloody leave in the first place. They have stripped the shifts so bare now that you’ve got more chance of getting hit on the back of the head by a zeppelin. Round my way there are about 50 per cent less officers on the front-line shifts than there were 25 years ago. Maybe that’s something for a further blog entry.

Anyway, I’m now looking forward to my proper summer break, anyone seen a zeppelin?

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