June 8th, 2006

You’re Joking!

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So the solicitors for Abdul Kahar & Abul Koyair, the 2 arrested by the Met in their recent anti-terror ‘raid’, have called for their clients’ release pronouncing their innocence. Well, no shit,  Sherlock.

In other news this week;

Scientists for the Royal Geographic Society announce that ships travelling from the UK to America will not fall off the edge because the world is round rather than flat.

Religious leaders in Rome confirm with the release of the latest Papal Bull that the Pope is, indeed, Catholic,

and, Wildlife experts filming David Attenborough’s latest World Wildlife project for the BBC release amazing footage in Canada of Brown Bears defecating in areas of land covered by many trees.

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  1. anacapa999 says:

    To be fair I think they came across as a bit more realistic than the lawyer for the guys in Central Scotland who were detained in similar circumstances back in about April I think. Aamer Anwar is a prominent human rights lawyer from Glasgow and, for the avoidance of litigation, let’s just say he comes across rather badly in an “all police are wrong and evil no matter what they do, and all arrested people are cleaner than clean” way!

    June 9th, 2006 at 19:10

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