June 6th, 2006

Good News & Bad News

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I guess if you’re a football fan then getting football duties can be a bonus, especially if you get the job inside the ground.

Imagine the delight at finding out your country is hosting the World Cup, something which must come around only once in an entire police career, if you are very, very lucky.

There must be a fair few German Polizei who are looking forward to next week. I can imagine the scene; sitting in the Polizeiwache awaiting the envelope which will explain your duties. The Polizeikommissar hands round the duties, you grasp the envelope, already hot and sticky in your sweating palm. Is it Frankfurt, Dortmund, Nuremberg…Berlin? Maybe even the final?

You tear open the envelope, it’s like revealing those O Level results only more important. You unfold the envelope, turn it round the right way, scan down the page to find out, for the duration of the world cup, you’re going to be stationed in….Luton Airport!

Yep, the German Police are today patrolling Luton Airport. No, I don’t know why either. I bet they’re thanking their lucky stars.

By the way, anyone know where you can get hold of  a Paraguay flag?

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