November 11th, 2008

Where’s my Prints?

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I love the Germans; they have great beer, they don’t cross the road until the little green man flashes & they have a wicked sense of humour.

Take the Chaos Computer Club.

It seems the Germans have the same concerns over the introduction of identity cards & storage of personal data as we do in the UK.

A hacker from the Computer Chaos Club has got their hands on the fingerprints of the German Interior Minister, Wolfgang Schauble. The print came from a glass used by the minister at the opening of a religious studies department at the University of Humboldt in Berlin.

An image of the fingerprint has been printed in a copy of a German magazine “Der Datenschlueder”. In an ironic masterstroke the fingerprint has been printed in the magazine but also supplied on a flexible rubber film with partially dried glue which will leave an exact copy of the print, much the same as the real minister’s print. It can be slipped over a finger & used to leave fingerprints on doors, telephones & biometric readers.

An anonymous research student has allegedly used this technique to fool 20 different biometric readers including the same model as used by Germany’s passport office.

A British group No2ID, has announced that they have obtained Jacqui Spliff’s fingerprints from a glass she used at a Social Market Foundation event after it advertised a £1,000 cash reward for the Home Secretary or Prime Minister’s prints.

If any of this is true it is a) very worrying that the government promises of the effectiveness of the ID card system appears to have been blown out the water before it’s even started and b) very funny.

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