September 10th, 2005

MI5 Bang Head Against Wall

Posted in Not the Job by 200

Blimey, returning from work up the motorway at 7am this mornng after a night shift, I was stunned to learn of the current efforts of MI5.

Radio 5 was quoting current MI5 chief, Dame Eliza Manningham-Buller, in a speech in the Netherlands as saying that civil liberties may have to be eroded in the fight against terrorism. In a classic mis-quote the Radio 5 presenter stated that Ms M-B had said that MI5 were “disappointed that they had not been able to prevent July 7th“.

Has anyone told MI5 to perhaps concentrate on preventing terrorism and not the arrival of days of the year? This must rank with the efforts of King Cnut (where where the French Connection marketeers in those days?). Never have so many wasted efforts been made since the government of the day trying to hold back the tides. (or prevent yobbish behaviour, criminal misuse of firearms, truancy, teenage pregnancy, smoking, etc etc etc)

I can just imagine the strategy meeting. “OK, so on the agenda we’ve got illegal phone tapping, review of undercover surveillance, response from Home Office to latest proposals for email interception, oh, and September 23rd is approaching, I thin we ought to prevent it”.

Someone tell Dame Eliza that there is generally only 1 day in the year you can prevent and that’s February 29th. Whilst there is a 75 per cent success rate for this date it never works on a leap year, all other day prevention schemes have met with abject failure and there is no point on spending my tax money on efforts to widen the scheme.

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