June 3rd, 2006

Mentioned in Despatches

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No, not that Dispatches.

200weeks got a very miniscule mention in the June 2 issue of Police Review. They have a “Webwatch” section which recommends various websites, presumably of a police-type nature.

This week they examine police blogs. There is a write-up of three blogs – The Sleepy Policeman, Coppersblog & World Weary Detective with two or three paragraphs on each site. No disrespect to the World Weary Detective but it’s a shame they spent 3 paragraphs talking about a police blog which packed up in March and closed down rather than a more current one.

Yours truly’s mention was saved until last. The very last paragraph of the article reads:

Other blogs worth mentioning include yornicked.blogspot.com and 200weeks.police999.com.”

Whilst it’s nice to see your website mentioned in print, I can’t help feeling it might be something of a poisoned chalice. I suspect the main readership of Police Review is senior officers and I reckon most senior police officers welcome police blogs like they welcome a dose of the clap. Doubtless the blogs mentioned in the article will be pushed further up the Professional Standards hit list.

I don’t read Police Review. I never have. I have glanced at copies I’ve found lying around in senior officers in trays over the years. The police station used to buy a copy and some secretary would staple a list of all the senior officers in the nick to the front of the cover, in order of seniority. Once the Chief Superintendent had read it, he signed his name then passed it down to the Superintendent, who read it, signed it, handed it down to the Chief Inspector who read it, signed it, etc, etc all the way down to the several inspectors.

You’d have thought on their wages they could have afforded their own copy.

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