May 18th, 2006

A Load of Old Pony

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No wonder there is never a police officer around when there is a burglar walking up your path; we’re too busy dealing with absolute shite like:

  • “This geezer called my 14-year-old Chelsea a slag and I want somefink done abaat it.”
  • “I want my brother arrested, he borrowed my mobile phone and won’t return it.”
  • A customer just shouted at me ‘cos we only had one till open and I take that as a threat.”
  • “That arsehole across the road looks at me every time I leave the house, that’s harassment.”

Just a small soupcon of the drivel which has taken up the time of the officers round my way, much the same as the time taken up in every town the length & bredth of the whole country.

They can be dealt with quite adequately over the phone with the simple phrase “Grow up and get a life”
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