September 29th, 2008

76 Trombones

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Freedom of Information, don’t ya love it?

The latest release about the police is that we are currently spending squillions of tax-payer’s cash on brass bands.

South Yorkshire are spending about £20,000 a year of their band. GMP have spent over £200,000 in the last 9 years. Apparently, they’re spending all this cash on instruments, travel & refreshments. The authors of the stories suspect that about 1million quid has been spent in the last 8 years.

This is amazing. I’ve been in the job 30 years & never seen a police band. If I’d realised I could have had a new trumpet & some sandwiches courtesy of the chief constable, I’d have joined up years ago. They’ll be telling me I can have time off to bang out the rocking vibes of the Hovis advert to some OAPs at the local Derby & Joan next.

Where do I sign?

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