September 25th, 2008


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Just when I’m sitting on the couch looking for inspiration, Traffic Cops comes on.

Did you see those Swedish women on the motorway? If you hadn’t seen it you wouldn’t believe it.

HATOs & Police get a call to 2 females walking down the central reservation. The motorway cameras pick them up, it’s during the day, traffic is busy both directions. Inexplicably, they climb over the central res barrier & walk into lane 3, one gets hit & knocked over almost straight away, the other runs across in front of heavily braking cars.

HATO officers arrive and stop them on the hard shoulder, the traffic cops arrive & speak to one of the HATOs while the second one stands beside the women, who are both now standing on the hard shoulder as if nothing has happened.

While the police are getting the S/P on what’s gone on, one of the women runs into the carriageway, the HATO tries to grab her but gets her coat which thankfully comes off & thus not dragging him into the carriageway too, she runs across lane one straight into the side of a 44ton artic which then runs over her dragging her underneath. The second female (the one who was knocked down previously) then runs into the carriageway too and gets hit by a car smashing & denting the windscreen & roof.

The officers are clearly stunned at all this but aid is given to both females.

The one under the truck then comes round & appears to have a compound fracture to a leg, she starts swearing at the police, spitting & trying to hit out as well as get up.

The second one (the one who’s been knocked over twice) comes round & gets up, she tries to run off & is grabbed by a female traffic officer who is promptly pushed onto her arse while the female runs across the other carriageway, dodging cars to avoid a third knockdown. She then fights with the officers & members of the public join in, it takes 6 of them to grab her & carry her back across the motorway where they cuff her. All the while she is shouting & screaming & – unbelievably – calling for the police.

I have no idea what they were on & how they weren’t killed. But next time you see or hear about it taking half a dozen officers to detain one person & hear the shouts of police brutality, take a look at this episode of Traffic Cops, it might open your eyes a bit.

It should be in BBC’s iPlayer for the next week.

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