May 2nd, 2006

No Surprise There, Then

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The Dispatches programme caused some discussion on the police websites & blogs in the last few days. Over at the Coppers Blog 2 threads have elicited a couple of hundred replies. As one might expect, most in favour of the police but it has attracted one or two apparent anti-police scribes.

The and PoliceUK discussion forums attracted a surprisingly slow discourse on the merits (or lack of) of the programme.

Over at PoliceSpecials they really got the bit between their teeth with about 12 pages of forum posts. As is so often the case on that site, though, if people disagree with the prevailing  view of the site moderators and administrators, threads are closed down and locked. Apparently, free discussion is less important than what people might think of the site & it’s reputation. Surprisingly, given that the site is run by a serving officer and is dedicated to the Special Constabulary, the prevailing thoughts were that anyone who wanted to slate the programme for all its faults and failures, was regarded as an apologist for disgusting and atrocious behaviour. Anyone disagreeing was denied the chance to speak further on the matter.

With friends like that… 


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