September 20th, 2008

No Place for Heroes

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There are times when you just know the government have got things arse-about face. Unfortunately, this government seems to work this way more or less permanently.

Take the case of the Ghurkas going through the courts at the moment. Up to two thousand Ghurkas want to come & live in Britiain. They have served the Queen & this country in all fields of warfare throughout the 20th & 21st century. Thirteen of them have won the Victoria Cross for action in battle. They have been members of the British Army for almost 200 years & 50,000 of these Nepalese men have died for this country.

Their base, up until 1997 was in Hong Kong. When we gace Hong Kong back to China the Ghurkas were based in Kent. Under current guidelines, any Ghurka who retired after 1997 has the right to remain in the UK. Those who retired before do not & have been denied permission.

Some of those who wish to live in the UK served in WWII, such as 86 year old Tul Bahadur Pun, VC winner, who was denied the right to live in the UK until  a big publicity campaign last year made the government change its mind. Many of the Gurkhas wish to take advantage of our health system in many cases to treat illnesses & conditions brought on through their military service.

It seems strange that wanted terrorists can come to the UK, have us pay for their homes, dole, family allowances & education. We’ll let Somalians come & live here & murder people. We have no problem with eastern Europeans popping by & remaining here  to steal, rob & murder. And we don’t care a jot about anyone who wants to come to the shores & take advantage of our generous money-handing-out policies despite never lifting a finger in the service of this land.

But fight for this country in one of the most respected military units in the world, sometimes for 30 years or more & the Home Secretary’s solicitor will say that you don’t have “strong enough ties with Britain to live here”. Like all those people who live here examples given above have strong ties with the UK.

I don’t like paying taxes as much as anyone else but I’m bloody sure I’d rather my taxes went to a couple of thousand ex Gurkhas than some of the hundreds of thousands who currently have access to it.

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