September 6th, 2005

Some People…

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Don’t you just love pompous twats who think they deserve more than everyone else?

The following telephone conversation loosely describes what I’m on about and was related to me by a colleague.

Police: Hello, police, can I help you?

PT (see sentence 1 above): Some kids have just thrown a tyre at my living room window.

Police: What type of tyre?

PT: A bicycle tyre.

Police: Is there any damage?

PT: There’s a small scratch on the glass.

Police: Did you see who did it?

PT: No. I just heard a bang and when I checked the window I saw the tyre on the lawn.

Police: OK. Well it is our policy not to attend minor crimes such as this so I’ll pass your details to the crime bureau who will ring you back & make a crime report.

PT: But it’s criminal damage, aren’t you going to send a patrol?

Police: No. It’s not our policy to send officers to crimes like this unless you saw the offenders or know who it is.

PT: Well, I want you to send an officer.

Police: I’m sorry we won’t be attending for the reason I’ve already explained.

PT: What’s your name?

Police: PC X, why do you want to know?

PT: I’m a member of the Police Authority and I think I should be entitled to see an officer.

Police: Well being a member of the Police Authority you should be aware of the force’s policies since I presume you see them from time to time and assist in ratifying them, and it certainly doesn’t entitle you to special treatment over and above every other resident in the town. We don’t send officers to crimes of this nature.

PT: I’m demanding that you send an officer.

Police: We won’t be attending, as I’ve explained.

PT: I’d like the name of your supervisor.

Police: Certainly, tonight its Sgt X. Would you be so kind as to provide me the name of your supervisor on the Police Authority please?

PT: Why?

Police: So I can complain that you are trying to take advantage of your position as a member of the Police Authority.

PT: We’ll see about this…..

No more was heard about this incident save to say that police did not attend.

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