April 6th, 2006

Thieving Scum

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There are some real disgusting toe-rag scumbags out there. Thankfully, they touch the lives of few people but when they do it’s usually pretty devastating for the victim. Not in a ‘loss of a loved one’ kind of way as,
usually, nobody dies, although I think there have been a few reduced to a trip to hospital as a result of ensuing shock & even heart attacks brought on by their dealings with such pond-life.

I’m talking about the scum who think it’s acceptable to con elderly folk out of their savings.

There are different methods but most have the same aim; they turn up at some unsuspecting OAPs house, con them into doing some kind of work and charge them thousands of pounds.

We had one recently with a gentleman in his 80s. The two pond-dwellers turn up and advise the chap that he had a problem with rats on his property for which, luckily, they are equipped to deal. They persuade the
man to let them cure his invented rat infestation, hang around for 20 minutes doing bugger all and then charge him £3,000.

But the victim doesn’t have £3,000 cash. No problem; our erstwhile businessmen take him to his local branch where they supervise him withdrawing £3,000 which they quickly relieve him of and disappear to their
next hapless victim.

Two months later they’ve obviously pissed the £3,000 cash up the wall, down the hypodermic, or on the dogs and decide to pay a further visit to our innocent senior citizen.

This time, apparently his tree branches need cutting and they can do the job there and then. They spend twenty minutes butchering a few branches. They chuck the branches over his fence – they don’t even have the
good grace to take them away – and one trip to the bank later, our senior citizen is relieved of a further £7,000 cash. I reckon that’s more money than BP make in a second, but I might be wrong.

This is too easy, so you know it won’t be long before they’re back. Two weeks actually and amazingly the rat problem has returned. Now if I’d charged £3,000 for getting rid of some imaginary rats which returned a few weeks later, I wouldn’t have the bare-faced cheek to charge again, I mean have these people never heard of guarantees? (well no, and neither have they heard of tax, VAT and morals).

Fortunately, by now the bank has cottoned on and when friendly Mr Elderly Gent turns up at the bank asking to withdraw a further £2,000 the bank staff call the police.

Unfortunately they are so tucked up dealing with people calling other people nasty names, by the time they arrive at the bank the scumbags have gone.

This happens in most towns up and down the land. Surprisingly, when they do get caught from time to time most of them have connections with the travelling community.

They are evil, wicked scum who prey on the most weak and powerless members of society, people who deserve better. They need to be stamped out.


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