August 18th, 2008

An Inspector Calls

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It must be refreshing for the prison officers at Bullingham Prison in Oxfordshire that the people at the top of the prison-tree are so switched on to the way the prison system should be run.

The prison was recently visited by Her Majesty’s Inspector of Prisons, which is a bit like the dreaded Ofsted visits for schools.

HM Inspector has drawn up a list of 200 recommendations for improvement in the treatment of the 950 inmates. Among them were:

  • Prisoners should be addressed by their first name or surname & title, which ever they preferred
  • Evening meals should be served later to stop prisoners getting hungry during the night
  • Prisoners should spend more time out of their cell
  • Prisoner should be given gym inductions & free condoms

Glynn Travis of the Prison Officer’s Association responded: “I don’t think we can keep control of violent prisoners by calling them by their first name.”

An audit carried out recently on the orders of Justice Secretary Jack Straw, showed that the Prison Service has spent £221,726 on Playstations, X-Boxs & Nintendo game systems & related software & that the prison system has 12,948 game consoles between its 83,600 prisoners, or 1 console between each 6.45 prisoners.

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