July 25th, 2008

Can’t be Arsed

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A police officer is injured every hour (& he’s getting bloody fed up with it! ba-boom).

New figures reveal the number of serious assaults on police officers is rising, more than 500 last year, up by 20% in 2 years. There were around 11,000 assaults on officers in 2007/2008, 31 a day.

The Federation reports that the true figures for violence against officers will be higher as many minor assaults go unreported.

According to the latest figures, annual police strength was at 139,728 full time officers, a decrease of just over 304 in 2007.

Home Office minister, Tony McNumpty, was quick to point out that there has been an increase of 14,000 since 1997. He didn’t mention anything about the decrease in the last year though, no surprise there.

I have to agree with the Federation. having been involved in the paperwork required when you’ve been assaulted, then the battle to get a charge laid, then watching the charge be reduced from an ABH to a simple assault simply because it’s easier to get someone to plead to a lesser charge, or the charge being dropped altogether, I have often wondered whether it’s actually worth all the hassle to report an assault & have personally not bothered quite a few times over the years. And that’s something which isn’t just a result of the last 10 years of government, it’s been the case throughout my career.

I’m sure the same applies to many of my colleagues. We’re our own worst enemy here though, if all assaults were recorded a truer picture would emerge on what the modern police have to put up with on a day-to-day basis. However, because we don’t, people will always have a rosier view.

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  1. Altercation says:

    I was called a “mixed race b*stard” after I arrested someone who was wanted on warrant. I put in for Racially Aggravated Sec 5, but because he pleaded guilty to the other offences that he had committed several months previous, CPS decided not to offer any evidence on my Sec 5. Curious.

    On another occasion I was almost head butted after arresting someone (luckily I was faster than he was). On his way to custody a colleague of mine heard him say “I’m going to get that black b*astrd” (I do have a father, by the way ). The CPS charged him with sec 5 against my colleague for the harassment alarm or distress caused to my colleague. Never mind that the chap tried to assault me!

    Criminal Protection Service indeed…

    July 25th, 2008 at 15:41

  2. Tony F says:

    I find it odd, that if the boot had been on the other foot as it were, you would have been strung up to dry. Again the scrotes have the upper hand.

    July 25th, 2008 at 21:49

  3. Big Fella in Blue says:

    Ive been assaulted a few times and so have the guys and girls I work with, the number of them that just get binned is high due to CPS stating that they wouldnt get anything else so they wouldnt pursue the case.
    Thats not the point even if they dont get anything else it should go on their conviction report to prove what they are capable of. Why is an assault on us any less than a normal run of the mill assault on joe public??

    July 25th, 2008 at 23:40

  4. Ex-RUC says:

    If I’d reported every minor assault on myself over my career I’d have boosted the crime figures for my area many times over!

    July 25th, 2008 at 23:43

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