July 21st, 2008

Different Shifts

Posted in The Job - Experience by 200

I don’t work overtime now that I’m in the control room. To be honest, I could use the extra cash & there is a fair amount available – if you want it – to cover the never-ending & increasing staff shortfalls. I just don’t want to spend any time more than I have to at work.

I say I don’t do overtime, that’s not strictly correct; I do overtime when they cancel my rest days.

It seems that when one particular shift is short of staff, they scream that they need extra to cover. When they don’t get enough volunteers they scream a bit louder resulting in police officers getting their days off cancelled.

When my shift is short (most of the time, today we had 90% of our radio channels single-crewed when there should be two people per channel) we just have to get on & work single-crewed despite the extra pressures & stresses.

I don’t know whether it’s because our shift ‘managers’ aren’t shouting loud enough or whether the people who are responsible for rest day cancellations are using double-standards in the application of duties.

I guess it’s just too simplistic to employ more people.

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