July 13th, 2008

It’s a Dog’s Life

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ACPO are to issue guidelines suggesting that police dogs may have to have their feet covered when engaged in searches of Muslim homes.

The story comes hot on the heels of some Muslims being upset and/or offended at an advertising campaign by Tayside Police because it included a picture of a cute puppy sitting beside a police hat & a telephone. The ad was used to encourage people to use the new 0845 telephone number in Tayside.

I have no idea what Muslims think of dogs. Unlike most people who claim not to be racist, I don’t have any Muslim friends, not one., so I can’t ask any  what they think. I expect it is similar to what white Christians think of dogs, some like them, some don’t, some are ‘offended’ by them, some aren’t. Indeed, it seems Muslim religious leaders can’t agree whether dogs are ‘offensive’ or not; Ibrahim Mogra, an imam, says: “In Islamic law the dog is not regarded as impure, only its saliva is. Most Islamic schools of law agree on that. If security measures require to send a dog into a house, then it has to be done. I think Acpo needs to consult better and more widely. I know in the Muslim community there is a hang-up against dogs, but this is cultural."

So, are we bending over backwards unnecessarily? It wouldn’t be the first time.


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