July 5th, 2008

Yes Sergeant, No Sergeant

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Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary has said that police standards are slipping because sergeants lack the fibre to keep PCs in line.

It went on to say that constables no longer respect the rank & are becoming more lazy, untidy & rude.

Apparently, the reason this is happening is because sergeants are worried about challenging PCs because the culture has gone from being one of discipline & respect to that of challenging authority & taking out grievances against sergeants.

I have to say that I recognise this analysis, it appears to be an exact mirror of the rest of society. It’s what happens when you introduce a culture which encourages everyone to be a victim rather than make them responsible for their own actions.

Back in the day, part of the selection process for being a sergeant was that you knew the law & you could command a group of officers. Sergeants were officers with a number of years’ experience. It was exceedingly rare to see someone promoted with less than five years’ service & frequently not less than ten. These days it’s not unusual to see acting sergeants with three years in who still have the cradle marks on their arse. Never mind a day out on the front line, lots of them look like they need permission from their mummies to be out at night & I swear I saw one of our sergeants doing a paper round this week.

The only requirement for promotion is the ability to provide a set of stock answers to diversity questions which the promotion system want to hear, that and an willingness to toe the party line. An ability or lack thereof to do the job is largely immaterial. People get promoted because the system no longer recognises the ability to say "no, you’re not good enough" lest someone sues someone.

There is no discipline in the force these days.

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