July 1st, 2008

Own Goal

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Following on from the dreadful examples of public figures (Naomi Campbell & Amy Shitehouse) who don’t have the good grace to act like decent human beings, another one hits the headlines today. 

Millionaire footballer, Joey Barton, was sentenced to 4 months imprisonment (suspended for two years) for a serious assault on a fellow Manchester City team member Ousmane Dabo. The incident happened during a training session & involved the violent thug beating Dabo unconscious. Their Manchester City team-mate Georgios Samaras said he had never seen such a violent incident on a football pitch in all his career, stating he would "never forget it".

If someone can do that to a work colleague & team-mate, what sort of violence is he capable of on a complete stranger?

Funny you should ask that, take a look at this video:

That is CCTV footage of the same Joey Barton knocking seven bells out of a member of the public after a drunken night out in December, for which he is currently serving a six month prison sentence. (he was produced from prison for today’s sentencing)

Barton is currently under contract to Newcastle United who have said they want ‘talks’ with Barton at their earliest convenience.

Barton evinces all that is wrong with British society at the moment. It’s time that people realised that those who are catapulted into the highest earners in the country by dint of trousering millions of pounds of ordinary people’s cash have a duty to behave like the roll models people hold them up as. I just hope Newcastle have the moral guts to do the right thing. Barton isn’t worthy of carrying on the sponge at half time.

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