June 27th, 2008

Just Relax

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Nothing to do with policing, government cock-ups or videos today. I feel like a day off.

I went to a sporting event this week. It was a last minute thing, I hadn’t planned to go but someone I know got a couple of tickets from his boss & invited me along. There was quite a queue of traffic getting in to the event, even though it was a weekday. What didn’t happen was people didn’t drive up the outside & force their way in, they didn’t sound their horns when the person in front took a nano-second longer than necessary to catch up with the car ahead.

Everyone queued up at the gate, handed in their tickets & made their way inside to see a handful of exceedingly rich sportsmen do their stuff. There were people of all ages & groups, all with a common interest. Many had cameras, some had flags, some had deckchairs & picnic hampers & others had no interest whatsoever in the events, they just read a book or listened to an iPod.

I didn’t hear any shouting, wearing, rudeness or bickering. I didn’t see anyone getting on anyone else’s wick. There were stalls selling beer & other alcoholic beverages yet I didn’t see a single punch thrown, I never almost slipped in a pool of vomit & I didn’t see anyone pissing up the front of someone else’s door.

When the day came to a close, everyone made their way back to the car park, I overheard conversations of all natures, some related to what we’d been watching, others not.  We got back to the car, joined the queue to leave & after a while, hit the motorway home.

It wasn’t until the next day when I was getting ready for work that I realised that hadn’t seen a single police officer the day before, either inside the event or out, nor had I thought about work.

Sometimes you wish all days were like that.

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