June 25th, 2008

Dumb & Dumber

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JamesMilsomIs this Britain’s dumbest criminal?

You just can’t get the message across to some people. James Milsom, 21, idiot of the parish of Mangotsfield in Gloucestershire must win this week’s top prize.

He won a special award back in February when he because the 100th person to be caught breaking into a police decoy car in Bristol.

Decoy cars are vehicles owned or rented by the police which are completely unmarked, the only difference between these cars & all the cars which members of the public leave unattended with valuables such as radios, laptops & sat-navs, is that the decoy cars have recording equipment & cameras which capture evidence of the people who break into them. They are left in crime hotspots in the hope of capturing thieves who prey on such targets, people like that prat in the photo.

Not content with breaking into a decoy vehicle once, Milsom has just been sentenced to 14 weeks imprisonment for his third similar offence in 4 months. he either breaks into an awful lot of cars or has a homing beacon which attracts him to police decoys. To break into a police car once might seem like misfortune, to break into one three times is just really, really stoopid.

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