September 8th, 2012

Just Wow!

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After the job refused to give me any holiday this summer, meaning my family will have to wait two years for their annual holiday, and they declined to allow me any time off to have a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the Olympics in my own country, I actually managed to get down to the Paralympics (on a rest day, so up yours everyone in the offices who decline others’ leave but spookily managed to get their own summer holiday to a man, and woman). Bitter, much?

And what an experience it was. A fantastic day of sport. A day filled with awe, respect, humour, emotion, the works.

The sound of 80,000 people all screaming at once is one that won’t leave me for some time. And it all ran so smoothly, the transport was great, lots of people to point you in the right direction. The soldiers on the security gates were friendly, the volunteers were all friendly and helpful. The toilets were clean with no queues.

And the sport was top notch.

I’ll say one thing for this country, well two, can;t run a police force but can put on a wonderful sports event.

The trouble no is that I only have 4 years to save up for Brasil, and I probably won’t get the time off even if I can, if I’m still here.

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  1. Harry says:

    The Olympics and Paralympics were a total triumph for all involved, except G4S.

    Best give them more contracts then

    September 9th, 2012 at 10:34

  2. h2631563 says:

    I agree it was a triumph. i even admit to taking a sneaky look at s few events, during the seemingly never ending wall-to-wall tv coverage. Now its over I could not be more pleased. Its been rammed down our throats for years. By the time it arrived I was postively gagging on it. I’d had enough of the 2012 Olympics by 2009 !!!! I’m pleased it went off well. in fact VERY well. A lot to be proud of in fact. But now its over please let’s move on?

    September 9th, 2012 at 15:04

  3. Civ_In_The_City says:

    With the Olympics and Paralympics there was no room for ‘spin’ in any of the events. Teams either win or lose, individuals come first, second or third. All measured by the clock. All performing in front of millions of pairs of eyes. Honesty and truth weren`t options, they were unavoidable (apart from drugs cheats of course).

    That`s one of the reasons it`s been so oddly pleasing to watch.

    No political double-speak, no trying to convince us that the sky is green and the grass is blue. No trying to convince us things will improve by cutting staff and closing A&E units.

    In many ways we live in a third-world country. Now the Olympics are over expect the slide to get quicker. It`s back to bullshit bingo folks.

    September 9th, 2012 at 20:58

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