June 23rd, 2008

Dented Coppers’ Comeuppance

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Back in January I posted an entry called ‘Dented Coppers‘ about a group of officers who had joined a Facebook group "Yes, I have had a Polcol" & went on to boast about being involved in collisions with members of the public’s vehicles.

The Met Professional Services Department have concluded their investigation into the matter & a number of officers have been disciplined as a result of posting either comments or photographs, or both.

A report in the Times today says that 14 officers have received a written warning, 4 have had verbal warnings & 5 had ‘unofficial words in their ear’. 

Roger from Worthing disagrees, he says "Dismissed in disgrace and banned for driving for life should be their fate but they’re policeman, this is a fledgling police state, and they can do what they like. There is nothing funny, Richard James, about gung-ho kids having accidents because they can’t drive at speed."

Victor from Westcliffe has a cracking idea, "Perhaps the time has come to examine the mentality of the entire police force. Drivers should have personal car insurance and made to pay for damage they cause. Is there much difference between the police drivers, and those car cowboys who steal for joy rides."

While Tim from Upwell says "Interesting that they were disciplined for publishing the information, rather than for their dangerous driving. Says it all, really. It’s not "one rule for us, another for them": it’s thousands of zealously-enforced rules for us, and *no* rules for them."

I’d say, on balance that the result has been proportionate, but then I would, wouldn’t I? On the stupid scale some of the comments were pretty silly & posting on Facebook under your own name wasn’t the best idea they’ve ever had.

I look forward to the new Facebook group – "Yes, I’ve had a discipline entry on my record".

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