August 7th, 2012

Get a life

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Back in the eighties, on the miners’ strike, we were thrown together with police forces from all over the country as we policed the mines around Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire.

One of the memories of those times is dealing with the thousands of “I’ve met the Met” stickers which appeared at every conceivable place. The Met officers loved plastering them over everything they could be that shop windows, mine signs, other police forces’ vehicles and equipment. Every other force utilised their efforts in defacing or removing as many as they could. It was regarded as a bit of banter.

I’ve not seen the stickers for a while but was interested to see that they appear to be going strong still, in fact they make the news today, after a Met PC has been ‘disciplined’ for sticking one of them on a Welsh police vehicle somewhere around London, while the North Wales officers were working in London.

It appears one of our Welsh colleagues complained about the sticker and two officers were investigated and one received “management action” and was referred to the Met’s Rubber Heel Department.

I don’t know whether I’m more surprised that at least one officer on a reasonable to large salary is paid to deal with complaints about putting stickers on another force’s vehicle, or that someone using that vehicle thought it was such a serious matter as to warrant an official complaint.

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