June 16th, 2008

Turn up the Radio, Sarge

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I generally like to think of myself as someone with an ethos of placing an importance of ‘doing the right thing’. It’s something I’ve relied on at work as well as at home & something I try to pass on to my children. I think there is a time when the ‘letter of the law’ doesn’t need strict adherence if the ‘spirit of the law’ is followed.

It was with interest then, that I read about the recent case of Chief Constable, Steve Finnigan whose Lancashire Police face High Court action over allegations of copyright infringement.

It seems the Performing Rights Society, in their quest to get companies & organisations to cough up performing rights fees has apparently been fed up with the countries police allowing the workers to listen to music. A licence is required whenever music is played over systems which allow more than one person to listen to it as this constitutes a public performance. The PRS has approached all the land’s police forces asking for them to purchase a licence to enable them to do this so they can play music over the phones when people are waiting to be connected, or in the offices or down the police gym.

Eleven forces have refused to pay up so the PRS is threatening to take them to court. This seems somewhat at odds with the recent arrests of a certain group of hardened criminals who have been sharing music over at torrent-sharing site OiNK.

One rule for us and another for them? Surely not!

Bedfordshire Police Website Update: er, no change (day 6)

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