July 13th, 2012

Big Brother isn’t watching

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I’ve always been a little bit of a gadget geek. ¬†One app I don’t think I’ll be downloading though, is one to be released this week by the City of London Police, who have¬†designed¬†an app to keep an eye on crowds gathering in London.

Ostensibly, the app is about seeing where crowds are in events such as the terrorist bombings on 7/7, which would help to plan for evacuations of areas affected. It can also be used to advise members of the public about areas to avoid.

People download the app which then sends anonymous information about the locations of all the app users. This is turned into data which shows as heat spots on a map. It works because the iPhone users agree to have their locations fed into a central server somewhere in App Land. The App stresses that all info is anonymous and that the identity of the participants remains anonymous, and the police aren’t tracking individuals.

This may well be true, but how many people will want to download and use the app, I wonder.

More details here.

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