June 10th, 2008


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We’re forever getting emails at work warning us about the dangers of the Internet; using & abusing it. Never try to download anything because if you do, the computer will burst into flames, your bank account will go up in smoke & someone will run off with your children.

We daren’t open an email if it contains a picture lest we get sacked for looking at something we didn’t have a bloody clue what it was until we opened it. We shouldn’t leave ourselves logged on the computers in case lest  Freddy Fraudster slips into our chair while our back is turned and downloads the entire contents of the world onto a USB disk. 

In short, computer security is everyone’s concern!

I wonder, therefore, what will happen to the department which has allowed this to happen:


Yep, that’s the new, improved Bedfordshire Police website, or at least the one which has met visitors to it today after it was hacked by someone claiming to be a teenage lad from Algeria or somewhere distant.

You’d have thought that internet security might be somewhat important to an organisation involved in security & law & order.

I can recommend the IT Security Consultants at Bedfordshire Police pop down to PC World and get some software to prevent children fucking up their whole internet presence.

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