May 26th, 2012

Not long for this job

Posted in The Job - Experience by 200

I went to a wedding this week. One of the shift got married.

It was real opportunity for people to let their hair down.

I got to talk to lots of people, many of whom work out on shift but are very friendly with the control room staff, so much so that they got invited to the wedding. It was interesting talking to some of the guys and girls out on the street, especially the¬†ones¬†who are being shafted the most by the government. Many of them joined under one set of conditions and find themselves being shat on as new¬†conditions¬†are¬†introduced, for instance the ones who are suddenly finding that they have to work a few more years than they had, for the last few years, ever thought possible. I spoke to no less than 3 people who are actively looking for another job. One of them leave is a couple of months time. She’s going self employed and setting up as a photographer. I wish her all the best.

With recruitment at a standstill, wages on hold and proposed decreases in starting salaries, it will be interesting to see who actually applies to join this job, and what the calibre of future applicants is.

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