May 25th, 2012

And one more

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Sometimes you just have to lighten the load.

In the control room we currently have at least four members of staff who have been off for longer than 3 months with stress. It’s getting more like that. I saw someone crying in the little room outside the control room this week. It was something to do with what happened as she was trying to control an incident, I didn’t bother finding out the details.

So it makes a nice change to introduce some levity into proceedings.

We had a really busy night shift. I can’t remember which one of us suggested it but someone said something along the lines of, wouldn’t it be a laugh if we had a donut for every immediate job that came over, and how long we could last before either giving up or being sick.

So the next night we bought in a couple of dozen jam donuts and set them up on the desk beside the radio console. We were both in position by ten minutes to the start of our shift. By the time our shift had actually started we’d eaten 3 donuts. By the time we were an hour into the shift we’d had 10 donuts. By the time I took my grub break at 2 in the morning, we’d run out of donuts and had gone onto Chocolate Bourbons.

I didn’t manage to eat my sandwiches during my break. I kind of just laid there, floundering. When I got back thankfully the Bourbons had gone.

Someone offered to nip out to the local 24-hour supermarket during their break to get some more donuts.

I said it was a bad idea.

I won’t be eating donuts, for a while.

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