May 21st, 2012

Hurrah for the Home Office

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Another day, another complete load of bollocks designed to fool particularly stupid people.

A new white paper, whatever the bloody hell a white paper is, gets announced tomorrow designed to force police to investigate anti social behaviour.

The coallition will announce that they are disposing of ASBOs and replacing them with something exactly the same, though they won’t actually say this. A new Criminal Behaviour Order will ban individuals from certain places or activities, pretty much like an ASBO was supposed to do. Anyone who breaks their order will be liable to up to five years in prison, hurrah. Except that the government don’t want people to go to prison for burglary and stabbing people so why they are suddenly going to be countenancing prison sentences for people who wind their neighbours up is beyond me.

They will also say that police will be forced to investigate anti social behaviour if at least five people complain. This is great news, usually all the anti social behaviour we attend currently (which in my opinion is not enough but a fair proportion) is usually only reported by one person. Clearly this means we will now be able to forget all that and only attend if five people complain. Thus freeing up thousands more officers to look for disobedient teenagers who can’t be arsed to come home on time and we will be able to investigate thousands more cases of people being naughty on Facebook. Hurrah!

Of¬†course, the government will say they are taking ASB more seriously whilst¬†completely¬†misunderstanding what we do now and what we can’t do because of their fucking cuts. They’ll trumpet it as positive action by saying more stuff will be done to help people, without a moment’s thought that the actual people available to carry out their new old policies, are the same people being cut in their 20% efficiency savings.

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