May 20th, 2012

Dream on, son

Posted in The Job - Experience by 200

The Metro reports today that the Olympics will be the biggest pre-planned police operation the country has ever seen. No shit, Sherlock.

12,500 officers will be on duty for the Olympics, 9,500 of which will be drafted into London each day from forces all over the country.

I’m not a police officer (any more) and I won’t be going to London to help make the streets safe for those few people who actually got tickets, but I still haven’t had any leave approved over the summer. That’s why I still don’t know whether I can actually have a holiday with my wife and children this summer, nor whether I can actually attend my own child’s graduation or go to my best mate’s wedding. I’ve had to turn the role of best man down because I can’t guarantee that I’ll be able to get leave to attend.

It’s a bit worrying that there are only 2 months to go and they still don’t know how many staff they’ll need, or when they’ll need them.

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