May 18th, 2012

Man gotta work

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We had the financial arrangements letter from the Education Department through recently.

I recall, when the government said that they were allowing universities to up their charges to 9 grand, they said that universities actually charging 9 grand would be the exception to the rule. Yeah, right.

My first child was paying ¬†just over 3 grand a year for her tuition fees. My second child starts when my first finishes, just one year later my second child will be paying ¬£8,500 tuition fees. Technically, the government were right in that her fees aren’t the maximum. This is true, over three years she gets to pay a whopping ¬£1,500 less than the maximum ¬£24,000. A bargain.

I never went to uni, I sometimes wish I had, mainly so that I could have gotten a different career. In just one generation we have gone from a free education, to one where a child will come out of uni with a minimum of £36,000 in debt.

But it’s OK though, because not only do the government loan the kids the money for the course, they’ll also loan them money for living expenses. Mine will get ¬£4,500. The trouble is that her accommodation will cost almost ¬£4,000, leaving her ¬£450 for the year to buy food, books, transport.

So when anyone asks why I still bother to do the job I do, when I could be laying back 7 days a week on a police pension, I point them to the above figures.

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