May 16th, 2012

Yes, we’re just like everyone else

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This week sees the British Medical Association trying to persuade its members to vote for strike action in protest at the government’s plans to change pension conditions.

Train drivers in Lincolnshire are expected to strike again tomorrow over plans to change  their pension scheme.

Last week, the much heralded¬†fuel¬†tanker drivers’ strike was called off after an agreement was reached with employers. Also last week public sector workers all over the country took part in a 24-hour strike over pension plans.

Among those striking last week were UK Border Agency workers, also angry at plans to change their pensions.

At the same time as 35,000 police officers were marching in protest in London, prison officers held a half-day strike against the government’s pension reforms.

Teachers’ unions are considering similar strike action.

The police are not alone in having their wages and pensions attacked by a government who failed to prevent themselves falling into a hole they are now using our cash to claw themselves out of.

The difference between the police and everyone else is that they all have the right to take industrial action. All we get to do is spend our days off walking through London and not clap the Home Secretary while holding up signs.

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