May 15th, 2012

Round four hundred and sixty-two

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Disgraced ex- police officer Ali Dizaei has been sacked from the Met for the second time.

It followed his second conviction for perverting the course of justice. He has been on full pay since his original sentence was quashed, but this stops from today. It would be interesting to know how much cash this man has been given whilst not doing a day’s work for the community that has been paying him.

¬†Deborah Glass, the IPCC¬†chairman, said: “Ali Dizaei’s dismissal from the Metropolitan Police Service was the right and inevitable outcome following his conviction, a second time, for serious criminal offences. There is no place in the police for corrupt officers and they have no business wielding the powers of a police officer in our communities.”

Interestingly, she also said: “Many will wonder how Mr Dizaei was able to rise to the very senior rank of commander.¬†The Metropolitan Police Service needs to ensure that never again is its reputation so badly damaged by the acts of one of its most senior officers.

I think we can take a fair guess at why such a man rose to the highest ranks, despite a very checkered history, and it has little to do with his skills. It is borne from a  system which recognises quotas above ability.

The Home Secretary will decide on whether Dizaei receives  a police pension.

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