May 28th, 2008

Don’t worry, be happy

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I went to town today to post some items. We’re in one of those towns where the Post Office has taken a leaf out of the Police Service’s books & closed down the local post office, much like we’ve closed all the police stations. This, like the police, is done to improve the service to the public. I’m not sure on what planet the people who say this live on but clearly it’s not Planet Earth. 

Instead of a largish post office with about 8 counters & maybe 5 or six staff we not have a small counter with 3 counters & between 1 & 3 staff, despite the fact that in the last few years we have a couple of large new estates around the edge of town which has attracted several thousand new residents. It’s an improvement, remember?

So I walked in & took my place in the usual queue, pleased to see there were 3 staff in there. I’m not sure who employs these staff because they’re not the same people who worked in the Post Office, so I assume they are privately employed & the Post Office sacked everyone in the older operation. Wherever they came from it wasn’t the local branch of The Happy Clan. All three of them looked like they’d just been told their pay rise had been cancelled.

I try to be cheery when I’m in the shops. I’m usually in a good mood anyway as I love spending money & I always like to leave a little smile if I can, even f it means walking around town with my flies open (which I did last week).

So I’m standing in the queue checking out the staff. The bloke who looks like he should have retired is busy dealing with a woman sending a parcel who wants to know the ins & outs of a cat’s arse on every conceivable method of getting her box of tatt to Blackpool, she’s already been there 9 minutes & there’s no sign of her completing. So I’m unlikely to be served by him. That leaves the black girl who looks like her cat just died or the gum-chewing-blond who appears to be on a day release from Cell Block H.

I get the black girl who, on seeing that I have 4 items to post rather than just wanting to buy 1 stamp, appears to have been told on an invisible earpiece that not only has her cat died but the body has been stolen by the local gang of feline-necrophiliacs.

"Hello", I smile, she grunts & indicates the scales to the side of the counter. I place the first item on. "Second class please", I make sure the inflection in my voice rises to show I’m friendly & approachable. She grunts something, I don’t know what. It just gets worse so I give in & shut up. She doesn’t reply when I wish her a cheery goodbye.

It appears that things can be worse elsewhere, and I thought I was pissed off in my job.

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  1. Jamie says:

    It does seem to be younger people that act very grumpy in their job. And I’m allowed to say that – I’m 17!

    I personally try to be very friendly to my customers, even though I personally never want to be at my work. I can’t wait until September, to start at uni and to start with the Specials. But my customers don’t know that. They think I’m the happiest person in the world and I go well out of my way to introduce our centre to them if they’re new.

    I like to think I have my way in bringing a lot of repeat business and keeping people happy – by providing a good service. This kind of thing you’ve come across is just shocking.

    Been reading the blog for a while 200 – very interesting indeed. Cheers!

    May 28th, 2008 at 23:37

  2. Rick says:

    I have worked with the public for way over 20 years and my motto is ‘it’s nice to be nice!’.
    Of course you get the occasional horses arse who treats you like a piece of crap but you get your own back, by giving them the bare minimum service or being an arse back.

    May 29th, 2008 at 11:00

  3. Dickiebo says:

    I remember the story of the Quaker in New York. Every day, as he went to the subway, he bought a newspaper from the street vendor, who invariably gave him a ‘mouthful’! One day, the Quaker’s friend asked him why he always was so polite in the face of such hostility. The Quaker replied, “I will not let somebody else determine my mood or manners”.
    The Post Office is a monopoly – a bit like Doctors, really, – so they can treat us any way they wish. There’s nowt we can do about it!

    May 29th, 2008 at 11:19

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